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Configure seperate classpath for virtual servers of iplanet 6.0

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I am using Iplanet 6.0 server .We need to have seperate classpath for all the Virtual Server running on the iplanet server .

Earlier i was setting the classpath through JAVA element's attribute javahome. But through this the classpath were getting set for all virtual servers.

# Here is my serever.xml where virtual servers are configured:

<VS id="dea1.x.y.z" state="on" connections="ls1" urlhosts="dea1.x.y.z" mime="mime1" aclids="acl1">
<USERDB id="default" database="default"/>
<WEBAPP uri="/don1" path="/data/loc1/don1" enabled="true"/>
<WEBAPP uri="/don2" path="/data/loc1/don2" enabled="true"/>
<VS id="dea2.x.y.z" state="on" connections="ls1" urlhosts="" mime="mime1" aclids="acl1">
<USERDB id="default" database="default"/>
<WEBAPP uri="/don1" path="/data/loc2/don1" enabled="true"/>
<<WEBAPP uri="/don2" path="/data/loc2/don2" enabled="true"/>

Can somebody please suggest a way to set different classpath for different virtual servers.


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