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    Not getting Email notification upon blanket release was created

      We are on Oracle EBS 11.5.10 and we have blanket release created by importing PO requisition, and ASL Supplier-Item's Release Method is "Automatic Release". Once the blanket release is created, there is no email notification sent out based on Supplier notification method?

      Now the notification is working for items with release method set to "Release Using AutoCreate" and for regular POs. But we need the "Automatic Release" items to create notification to send to suppliers as well. Anyone has experience to get that to work?

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          Please check it regarding workflow notifications not sent.

          Re: how to check unsent workflow mails and pending workflow mails
          Workflow Notifications are delaying

          metalink notes:

          How to Process the Clause Status From 'Pending Approval' to 'Active' [ID 556493.1]
          How to Find The List of Pending Approvers For a Requisition Using SQL? [ID 834387.1]

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            Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
            When you had release method = "Automatic Release", did the release get created in approved status or was it created in incomplete status?

            Sandeep Gandhi
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              All the regular communication methods (print, fax, email) are spawned from the Approval workflow process.

              If the requisition line is sourced to a local BPA and if the ASL release generation option is set to "Automatic Release" then the concurrent request to create the release. This concurrent request will always create the approved releases; the system does not even launch the approval process. So none of the communication methods are triggered. Usually this option is used with batch communication methods like EDI or daily scheduled printed reports (Printed PO Report with NEW documents option).

              If the ASL option is set to "Automatic Release/Review" option then the concurrent request "Create Releases" creates releases in incomplete status. The buyers can then review them and manually submit it for approval. As part of this approval, the communication options can be selected.

              if the ASL option is set to "Release using Autocreate" then the requisition should be either manually created into a release. Optionally if the "Create Documents" workflow is setup that workflow can also create the releases. In the "Create Documents" workflow there is an option to launch the Release approval process. The "Create Documents" workflow never sets the documents to approved status automatically. So the releases created using "Create Documents" workflow will go through Release approval workflow and can leverage the communication methods.

              If you "have to" use the "Automatic Release" then you might need to leverage the standard batch communication methods / provide your own batch communication methods. When the document is communicated (Printed PO Report or EDI and etc), system updates the print count (increment) and print_date (sysdate) in the po_headers / po_release table. Thus when it is scheduled in a batch, it can determine the NEW documents (no print count at-all) and CHANGED documents (print count is one more from archive, but the revision number is same as the one in archive). If you are providing your own communication method, you can also try using similar model.

              Regards, Shiva
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                Shiva, thanks for the detailed info on each setting!
                We need to allow users to use whatever setting including "Automatic Release", I am going with scheduled job to pick up NEW documents to send.