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      I am working on SOA Assignment,using Jdeveloper

      I have created a composite using database adapter, bpel, humantask.

      the application flow is as follows;

      1. records are polled from the database .

      2. It goes inside a BPEL and then to HUMANTASK. and inside the human task there is a single user with outcomes approve and reject.

      3.i have also checked make notification actionable inside the HUMANTASK., to enable managers to take action through email.

      I have done all the Email setting in the Enterprise Manager and and in the Actinable Email address i have put the Email address of Manager,who takes the action. and in the From and To section i have put my gmail address, which is the outgoing user_id.

      Here i am able to send the notification and but it is not actionable. i.e. when i press on the outcome (approve or reject) it goes to the reply page.

      and in the task flow trace manager action will be pending. i.e the task will not be completed until unless manager takes action from BPM Worklist..

      if anybody suggest a solution, it would be appreciable.