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    Deploy multiple applications

    Chiedu O

      I need urgent help in determining the most suitable configuration for deploying multiple APEX 4.0 applications residing in one Oracle database?

      Each application is associated with its own domain name. The domains all share one server IP address.

      www.aaa.com (www.aaa.com/apex/f?p=1000:1)
      www.bbb.com (www.bbb.com/apex/f?p=2000:1)
      www.ccc.com (www.ccc.com/apex/f?p=3000:1)

      Can Glassfish+Apex listener be configured to solve the problem? If yes, how? What of Oracle HTTP server?

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          Hi Chiedu,

          you should be able to use APEX Listener as well as OHS for this issue, as long as you have your host available on all of those domains.
          Per default, you'll have every application available on any hostname. If you want to restrict a certain application to be available on a certain domain exclusively, you might want to put that into the application (e.g. by using the authorization-features) rather than hard-coding the id into a config of your web server.

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            David Pulliam
            I would have to agree with Udo on this one. This functionality would be best implemented by using the authorization functionality in apex by using an application level authorization scheme.