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    Test Driving OpenOffice for the Cloud

      Does anyone know how to test drive OpenOffice for the Cloud. It tried going to http://www.oracle.com/office and there is nothing directing me to the demo site. This is almost as bad as Microsoft Office 365 beta where you can sign up, but they aren't accepting any new beta customers. At least Microsoft Office online with 2010 is working and I can test out Microsoft's offering along with Google Docs. It's hard to make decisions from hype from Oracle when the office is trying to make a decision on how to approach the cloud.
      The Grumpy Oracle DBA
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          Johan Louwers
          Looking at the documentation I can find the following:

          "For a online SaaS test account, test pilot, or a virtal machine applicance please contact Oracle Office Sales.
          You can also download CLoud Office 1.0 for edelivery.oracle.com to evaluate the software for 30 days"

          more information can be found at: http://www.oracle.com/us/products/...office/oracle-cloud-office-faq-198312.pdf

          Johan Louwers