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    Position Hierarchy - Not working for last but one position

      Hi Friends,

      This is our position hierarchy

      Supervisors -> Managers-> Directors-> Vice Presidents

      I am able to test the AME approval using Position hierarchy for the following setup.

      This is working when Gajjam (Supervisor) is raising the requisition.

      Supervisors -> Managers-> Directors-> Vice Presidents (Users Gajjam->Joshi->Daivajna->Thomas Lee)

      When Joshi(Manager) raises a requisition expected flow is

      Managers-> Directors-> Vice Presidents (Users Joshi->Daivajna->Thomas Lee)

      This is also working.

      But for requistion from Satish (Director) it is not following the correct hierarchy

      i.e.. Directors-> Vice Presidents (Users Daivajna->Thomas Lee)

      However this is not happening.

      The AME process follows below hierarchy.

      Supervisors -> Vice Presidents

      I am unable to find out the reason for this.

      One thing I am able to observe is that it is a requisition from one position below the top most position in hierarchy.

      Can anyone help me on this.

      Pandurang Joshi