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    unable to configure the FDM-Essbase

      Hi Guru,

      I had created one FDM application and register the adaptor, i have FDM on windows server and Essbase on linux. i had installed the essbase 64 bit client and done the environment variable setting aslo.

      but while mapping , i am getting below error.

      ** Begin Oracle Hyperion FDM Adapter for Essbase Runtime Error Log Entry [2010-12-29-09:59:31] **
      Description.......File not found: esbapin

      Computer Name.....EPMAPP02-D

      App Name..........bmhcdev
      DB Name...........BMHCDEV
      Server Name.......EPMAPPDB03-D
      Connect Status.... No Connection Open

      Thanks and help to fix the error
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          Please note that the Essbase Adapter is 32bit. Therefore your installation is not complete.
          You will need to ensure that the Essbase 32bit client, and environment variables and reboots are done accordingly.

          Thank you,
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            thanks for your valuable reply.

            I have done the installation of Essbase 32bit client and done the environment setting and reboot the server.but still no luck... i am facing the same problem.

            any other reference on that.


            Sudhir sinha
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              Are you sure it is the same problem? What does the error log state?

              If you are confident that you did exactly 110% as the documentation has stated for the 32bit client then I would suggest you open a ticket with Support to get further guidance. I know if the documentation is followed and everything done correctly for 32bit that it does work.

              Thank you,
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                I had perform the same steps. The error log is pointing the same error.

                1.Launch the EPM Installer
                2. Install the Essbase RunTime Client 32bit
                3. Right-Click on My Computer and choose "Properties"
                4. Click on the Advanced Tab and click the "environment variables" button
                5. In the System Variables Portion of the window (bottom) click "New"
                6. In the variable name field enter "ARBORPATH" and in the Variable Value field enter the path to the Essbase directory (<Hyperion Home>\Products\Essbase\EssbaseClient) and click OK
                7. Add a second System Variable Named "ESSBASEPATH" wth the same variable value and click OK to save the change.
                8. Reboot the machine

                I had raised the SR in oracle, but still waiting for solution.


                Sudhir sinha
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                  What version of Essbase/FDM is this? If this is the install of the essbase client automatically installs the Essbase 32 and 64 bit runtime clients. The Environment variable needs to point to the products\essbase\essbaseclient-32 directory. Also, I would suggest placing the Essbase adapter .exe in the Essbaseclient-32\bin directory and registering it from this location using the workbench. The esbapin.dll file is located in this directory.