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    Weblogic Performance

      I am a middleware admin.
      I have deployed an .war application in managed_server_1 in weblogic 10.1.3 and this application is pointing to a database 10g installed in window 2003.
      then there has been changes made to the war file and this time i deployed it in managed_server_2. however this application is now pointing to database 9i installed in solaris 10. this database is a full export of the oracle database 10g and full import to oracle database 9i by the DBAs.
      the problem is the application deployed in managed_server_1 and pointing to database 10g is giving optimal performance.
      But the application deployed in managed_server_2 and pointing to database 9i is responding very slowly though it eventually give the desired output. I want the same optimal performance from the application deployed in managed_server_2. Please help.

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          Hi Everyone,

          I have solved my own problem.
          Please note that the only thing I did was the following:
          1.got the index rebuild in the new database.
          2.got the schema analyzed.

          Thereafter the accessing performance has improved to a considerable extent.
          However, I will go for another step. That is, have a check on the valid objects, and if I found any invalid object present, then I need to validate those invalid objects. this is done by the DBAs by recompiling those objects.