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    Package build and deployment issue

    Muhammad Ahmad-OC

      I have sucecssfully built and deployed a package DVFAU3 to DV812. Now I want to build and deploy PYFAU3 to PY812.

      Should I be using DV812 or PY812 client?

      I changed the project status to 26 (advanced the project) and then try creating a package PYFAU3 using DV812 full client client, when I use the "browse" button to locate my project and add the objects, I am not getting my project in the browse list. I have also tried using the PY812 full client, but my project is not coming in the Browse objects list. (this is where I need to add my objects to the PYFAU3 package).

      Can you please advise if I am missing something here, why my project is not coming in the Browse to add the project into my package.

      Also which client should I use DV812 or PY812 for creating a PYFAU3 (update) package.


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          Try finding the project with wildcard in the beginning and at the end. (ie: Test_project 002 -> est_projec)

          Your question about which client to use, depends on several things.
          1. it doesn't matter if you copied the DV update package (from the assembly) to the PY update package and adjusted the full full package voor PY.
          2. if you want to select specific versions for the objects in your project than you need to log on to the environment where the version exists. (while datasource in OCM for versions is per environment.)

          Versions belong to your pathcode. I mention this because for many implementation i've done, the functional consultants create there UBE versions in PY. And developers create versions (UBE for their own testing) and interactive in DV. (With minor adjustment in OMW rules, there is no conflict).
          The way IV and BV are developed/created can be seen in many different ways, this is just one of them.

          So if you developed a version in DV and promoted it from 21 to 26 it should be in in PY. You can check this in the OMW status screen or check OMW logging if your in doubt. (and if you like SQL or UTB, just check F983051 for the version in the pathcode)
          When this is the case you can create your update package in DV. If the verion is created in PY you can only find this version if you log in to PY.
          And this does not matter at all if you select the radio button ALL versions.

          hope this makes it more clear