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    Workflow for External Site Visitor?

      I am trying to find out what workflow is used when someone visits the external website AND starts their application process. I am not able to locate the correct workflow.

      Thanks, Al
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          Duncan Casemore
          Unlike SSHR, iRecruitment does not use workflow for all of its transactions. Specifically, iRecruitment uses workflow for the following transactions:

          * Offers (sending, holding and applicant responses) - IRCOFFERWF
          * Vacancies (new and edit) - IRCWF
          * Ex-employee registration (IRCREGWF)

          I don't think iRecruitment has a workflow for internal or external applicants starting the application process, although I think there is a OTA workflow for any applicants that complete an Assessment during their application process.
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            Duncan Casemore
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