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    Removing from Arraylist

    Parul Garg
      I have an ArrayList of selectitems called newRes2 and another Arraylist of String called newentry .
      I want to remove the entry in the newRes2 based on newentry .

      i.e. Suppose newentry has string value "a" and newRes2 also has selectitem with the value "a" . It should remove the entry .

      I tried the same by creating "SelectItem from newentry value " and then the remove method .
      newRes2.remove(new SelectItem(newentry.get(i) ) ));

      But since the objects are different and the output is false.

      Can someone help me with this ? Do i need to over-ride equals method in this case ?

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          Yes, removing from a [url http://download.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/util/List.html#remove(java.lang.Object)]List is based on equals() (see the documentation) and should be implemented according to the desired behavour in your class.
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            If you want two SelectItems to be equals you need to override equals() to reflect this.

            However, another approach is to remove all the SelectItems which have a stringValue() contained in the collection newEntry.
            for(iterator<SelectItem> iter = newRes2.iterator(); iter.hasNext();)
              if (newentry.contains(iter.next().stringValue()) iter.remove();
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              if SelectItem is a class you created yourself then giving it a proper equals() method could do it, yes.

              If for some reason you cannot get it to work, I would just iterate through the list and inspect the object inside it. When you find the index you want to remove, use the Iterator.remove() method to pluck it out.
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                Parul Garg
                Thanks Peter for the solution.