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    Slowness of Netbeans Platform Apps - how to mitigate?

      We are developing a commerical application (pretty complex) in java using Netbeans IDE. We have 2 options in netbeans to create it-
      1. Develop Java desktop app
      2. Netbeans Platform app

      We have requirement that application startup and response times should be very very fast, should be modular etc. We did Proof of Technology by creating apps using both approaches mentioned above. We found Netbeans platform apps are very slow during startup and during screen navigation compared to pure Swing based desktop apps. We tried to implement suggestions provided at http://wiki.netbeans.org/Category:Performance:FAQ and in other blogs and forums to improve on speed of the app but were not successful.

      We feel for creating a complex desktop app Netbeans platform app would be better suited, but its not meeting our performance requirements (startup and response times, memory footprints, CPU usage guidelines etc).

      Can any one guide us on how to mitigate our problem of improving performance of Netbeans Platforms apps?

      Thanks in advance for your help..
      - bhan
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          This question really belongs in a Netbeans forum for any serious answers. That being said I can still give my opinion.

          I really doubt that you can improve it through software. Netbeans has to initialize and validate a complex module system during startup and the more modules that have to be started, to more time it will take. Recently OSGi support was added to Netbeans as an alternative to Netbeans' native module system; perhaps that can help, but again I doubt it.

          Let me put it in another way: I was following the 10 example videos that demonstrate how to use the Netbeans platform, and even the small test applications that were developed took several seconds to boot. It is one of the arguments I have for myself to not adopt the platform myself - not that I care about the startup time of the end product, but because I already predict high annoyance levels during development.
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