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    Can't See ERP Integrator in Workspace


      I have installed and apparently successfully configured ERP Integrator on, Windows 2003 R2. Now when I goto workspace -> navigate -> administer I don't see ERP Integrator. Bear in mind that I do not have ODI installed yet, (for various reasons) on this machine. Is this the cause of the issue? I am aware that until I configure ODI I can't really use ERPi, but I just wanted to verify.

      Also when I goto the following link : http://machiney:6550/aif/faces/setup/Main.jsp I get a message saying I am not authorized to access this page. I am logged in as administrator.

      by the way, I did restart the services and I also tried rebooting the server. Didn't work.

      Any guidance will be appreciated.

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          Hello EssbaseApprentice,

          Any product that is either installed/configured/deployed via the EPM Configurator AFTER Workspace has been deployed will not be reflected inside of Workspace. This is becaues the Workspace configuration stores static content in an .XML file of the Application tier and is not dynamically driven. You will need to redeply Workspace to have all changes reflected and demonstrated.

          Also you can not go directly to most products starting in v11. as they will require the SharedServices SSO token to process as most products will not have a direct logon page going into the future. Workspace will be a requirement.

          Thank you,
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            Thanks, I marked it as correct.