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    Drill Through in ERPi to multiple entity dimensions

      I have a question about the drill through functionality in FDM vs ERPi. Can custom dimensions be part of the drillable region in ERPI? In other words can I drill through to this intersection:


      In my Planning application setup, accounts exist for entities comprising company, division and sub-division. For various reasons, company, division and sub-division are organized as separate dimensions. Company is actually the name of the default entity dimension in Planning, while division, sub-division are custom dimensions. So when a user wants to drill through for a particular account, they are drilling through to the intersection of account->company(entity)->division(custom)->sub-division(custom).

      I know that FDM lets us drill through to whatever intersection we want. Does ERPi let us achieve that too? I'm asking because the documentation says drill through is enable for entity/account/scenario/year/period and it makes no mention of drilling through to custom dimensions.