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    BC4J Multi Entity insert/update

      Is it possible to insert simultaneously both master and detail BC4J row with single UIX page? I would like to use standard UIX if possible with minimal java, but examples with java would be also helpful.

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      Mihkel N�ges
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          This seems to be a very simple situation. Has anybody solved it?

          In my case I have one generic Document table and additional attributes tables for different kinds of documents like for instance LicenseDocument. Those tables are connected with Document table with 1 to 0..1 relationship and their foreign key to the Document table is also their primary key.

          When I use BC4J Tester it assigns the Document table inserted but not yet committed rows primary key (DBSequence) column temporary negative values and I can insert child records that are associated with it. After commit the Document primary key is fetched from the database sequence and all the foreign keys in other tables get updated accordingly.

          So maybe this is a problem that should be posted to the JDev forum.

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            I posted this topic also to JDev forum:

            BC4J/UIX Multi Entity insert/update