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    Adf blank page problem


      I am working on an ADF/JSF application using WebLogic server.

      When I run a jsfx page to test, the browser displays a blank page. Even the splash screen is not shown and i get no error.

      Do you have any solutions?
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          Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle
          Is this for every page or for a specific page?
          Check that the page has no errors in it (look at the source tab and notice if there is read on the file overview margin on the right).
          Check if you get any specific error in the WLS log window
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            Thanks for your response.

            This problem is for every page. I checked every page and there is no errors in sources. And I got no errors in the integrated wls log window:

            +[Another instance of the application is running on the server.  JDeveloper redeploy the application.]+
            +[Application SemovieWeb stopped but not undeployed from Server Instance IntegratedWebLogicServer]+
            +[Running application SemovieWeb on Server Instance IntegratedWebLogicServer...]+
            +[10:19:39 AM] ---- Deployment started. ----+
            +[10:19:39 AM] Target platform is (Weblogic 10.3).+
            +[10:19:39 AM] Retrieving existing application information+
            +[10:19:39 AM] Running dependency analysis...+
            +[10:19:39 AM] Deploying 2 profiles...+
            +[10:19:39 AM] Wrote Web Application Module to C:\Users\Ugur\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper\system11.\o.j2ee\drs\SemovieWeb\ViewControllerWebApp.war+
            +[10:19:39 AM] Wrote Enterprise Application Module to C:\Users\Ugur\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper\system11.\o.j2ee\drs\SemovieWeb+
            +[10:19:39 AM] Redeploying Application...+
            +[10:19:48 AM] Application Redeployed Successfully.+
            +[10:19:48 AM] The following URL context root(s) were defined and can be used as a starting point to test your application:+
            +[10:19:48 AM]
            +[10:19:48 AM] Elapsed time for deployment: 9 seconds+
            +[10:19:48 AM] ---- Deployment finished. ----+
            Run startup time: 9458 ms.
            +[Application SemovieWeb deployed to Server Instance IntegratedWebLogicServer]+

            Target URL --

            But i noticed something. From my backups, i found a version of my application that is running without any errors and does not show blank page. When i slightly modified a page, such as adding a command button, again the same "blank page" problem occurs.
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              John Stegeman

              If you have two pages that are almost the same and one works but the other doesn't - it may help if you can post the page sources here (assuming they are not too big). Just out of curiosity - does hitting the browser "refresh" button make the blank page work?

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                Timo Hahn
                Target URL --
                Normally you don't start an app with an URL containing '.jspx'. This will result in some undesired effects (probably a blank page) because you don't start the work flow but only the page.

                If you use ADF task flows you should alter your run configuration to start adfc-config.xml and select the start view activity (in your case home) in the 'adf task flow' section.

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                  Refresh button doesn't work. It gives the following error:

                  Error 403--Forbidden
                  From RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1:
                  +10.4.4 403 Forbidden+

                  The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it. Authorization will not help and the request SHOULD NOT be repeated. If the request method was not HEAD and the server wishes to make public why the request has not been fulfilled, it SHOULD describe the reason for the refusal in the entity. This status code is commonly used when the server does not wish to reveal exactly why the request has been refused, or when no other response is applicable.

                  But when a blank page appears i can see the source of the page (from the browsers menu -> page source). But the problem is the source code of the page is the same as the code i developed in 11g. The scenario is the following;

                  1) Run 'home.jspx'
                  2) The blank page occurs in the browser
                  3) When i right click the browser and select "view page source" it gives the following:

                  +<f:view><af:document id="d1"><af:form id="f1"><af:pageTemplate viewId="/mainTemplate.jspx" id="pt1"><f:facet name="center"><af:commandButton text="commandButton 1" id="cb1"/></f:facet></af:pageTemplate></af:form></af:document></f:view>+

                  which is exactly the same with the source code that i developed in JDeveloper.

                  4) When i click the refresh button it gives the above error.

                  But on a page that works fine, when i view the source of the page it gives the following:

                  +<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd">+
                  +<html class="p_AFMaximized" dir="ltr" lang="tr"><head><link rel="stylesheet" charset="UTF-8" type="text/css" href="/SemovieWeb-ViewController-context-root/adf/styles/cache/fusion-desktop-ua1gw8-ltr-gecko-"></head><body class="x11f p_AFMaximized"><noscript>Bu sayfa JavaScript kullan&#305;r ve JavaScript etkin bir g&ouml;zat&#305;c&#305; gerektirir.G&ouml;zat&#305;c&#305;n&#305;zda JavaScript etkin de&#287;il.</noscript><div id="afr::Splash" class="x16g"><div class="x16h"><span class="x16i"><img src="/SemovieWeb-ViewController-context-root/afr/ss.gif"+

                  So i think there is something going wrong when the source code of the page is converted into an html page. But why?
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                    John Stegeman

                    That is indeed very unusual - it seems as if there is something wrong or misconfigured in the WLS domain itself. Have you tried deleting the "system11.1.1.x.y.z/DefaultDomain" (x.y.z depends on version - not sure the directory is by default, as I use command line switches to put mine where I want them) and thus forcing JDeveloper to recreate the default domain?

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                      I am a beginner on Adf and JDeveloper. I didn't use task flows and even jsf navigation flows. In application, i just try developing the view controller project and a small model project. For model i only show some records in a table using hibernate, and a datacontrol.

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                        I think you should concentrate on the difference between the version that is working and the one that doesn't.
                        Make sure the page doesn't have any errors (you can switch to source view and check if anything is red).
                        Also, make sure the pageDef (if you are using it) for the page is synchronised with the page, I've seen blank pages before because of jpsx/pageDef errors.

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                          I tried deleting but the problem still occurs.
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                            I'm using page template and i checked the pageDef and pages. There is no errors (reds) in sources. And also i created a page without using the template and also it still gives a blank page.
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                              Hope you didnt just remove the pagetemplate code from the above snippet you posted and retained the facet. I believe you need to remove the facets and replace them with panelgrouplayout or some such to see ur command button.

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                                I just create a new page without selecting a page template. But i believe that this can be a bug of WLS.
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                                  Still problem occurs
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                                    I haven't solved the problem yet but i think i have a clue about that. When i debug my code, i put some breakpoints on adf life cycle phases. I think the problem occurs in "prepare render" phase. The process didn't reach the point of "JSF restore view" after it completes "prepare render". In a page that works fine, process reaches the point of "JSF restore view" again. I think there is an error in prepare render page.

                                    Do you have any ideas?