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    Meta Files

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      I am trying to understand how the META files work in relation to the overall AutoVue procedure when requesting these files and check if our integration is behaving as we want.

      Does AutoVue send a request for any META file every time regardless or can this be turned off? There are config options that I am aware of in vuelink.properties to turn off the check in of the generated META files and for validating them but I presume this does not turn off the request by AutoVue to see if it exists in the DM?

      Presuming it does do the request and we cannot turn this off then am I correct in GetPropCSI_Renditions returning null in DMSProperty[] buildRenditionProperty is sufficient enough for AutoVue to believe there is no META file and generate another?

      If the vuelink properties for checking in META files into the DM and validating the META files are set to false am I correct in thinking the Action Save for META files should not be invoked or do we need to explicitly check this configuration ourselves?

      We are seeing attempts at saving META files even though check in is set to false. Also when this save is attempted a <Property></Property> element is malformed in the XML data provided to the Action Save request when it comes to the META file and I am trying to work out why this would be.
      This malformed property is the serialised DocID object which was not found when the check to the DM was made for the META file.

      Any information on this would be really appreciated.

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          Ricardo Av-Oracle
          Metafile saves on the DMS are controlled by two properties
          a server (global) property for generating streaming files (dms.save.metafile)
          and a DMS specific one: the server queries the DMS to see if it supports this mime type
          reply to get Property CSI_Renditions, it checks if the return list has the entry CSI_META

          If both conditions are true the jvueserver will save the metafile
          A DMS that does not support storing the streaming file can just return null (or simply do not return CSI_META if it support others rendition like TIFF)
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