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    Changing Opensso configuration after installation

      I would like to know how to change the hostname, ports, cookie domain in Opensso ( access manager ) after we go pass the configuration stage. The configuration properties do not allow all the properties to be changed once the install is done. have any of you able to change the opensso properties without un deploying it and clearing the files and deploying it as a new war file.
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          For changing the hostname after installation see here: http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/820-4196/gcuqq?a=view

          Generally, it is not a good idea to change these things after installation. You should plan and design your solution and then install and deploy.

          The war file doesn't contain anything specific to your environment. All the configuration is stored in AMConfig.properties, serverconfig.xml and the XML blobs stored in your Directory Server. You can use the amadmin utility to modify most of the content of those XML blobs.

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