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    TransactionContext not found  in class oracle.apps.per.selfservice.common..

      what does this mean

      Error(42,7): TransactionContext not found in class oracle.apps.per.selfservice.common.SSHRParamTable in class oracle.apps.per.selfservice.common.SSHRParams in class oracle.apps.pay.wcsfederalw4.webui.FederalW4mainCO

      it is referring to below code first line after import line. ( this import line text color was lighter than other import text, I am not sure what that means)

      import oracle.apps.per.selfservice.common.SSHRParams;

      SSHRParams sshrparams = new SSHRParams(pageContext.getApplicationModule(webBean).getOADBTransaction());
      String s = sshrparams.getPersonId();