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    question on materialized view unregistered on master site


      not sure how it is known, on master site, about the existence of an materialized view on another site referring some table of a master site. it seems registering is not necessary.

      on master site orcl1 : I have a table A, and a materialized view log defined on table A.
      on another site orcl2 : have a db link to orcl1 and a fast refreshable materialized view SCOTT.A_MVW (create materialized view A_MVW refresh fast as select * from A@orcl1)

      on orcl1 I perform : exec DBMS_MVIEW.UNREGISTER_MVIEW (mviewowner => 'SCOTT' ,mviewname => 'A_MVW' ,mviewsite => 'ORCL2');
      as a result the materialized view seems to be successfully unregistered (as it doesn't appear anymore in : select * from DBA_REGISTERED_MVIEWS; )
      But, to my surprise, I can still perform fast refreshes on A_MVW, which also remove lines from the materialized view log . so how is site orcl1 still aware about the existence of the materialized view ?

      it seems that, registered or not at master site, a materialized view behaves the same...or it doesn't ? where is it stored , on master site, information about materialized views (especially those fast refreshable) that reffer local tables ?

      Thank you