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    Inventory Setups for iProcurement

      Hi Friends,

      We are implementing iProcurement with out Inventory Module.

      I wish to know whether setups related to inventory like

      1) Inventory Accounting Periods

      2) Inventory Information (like Inventory Parameters, Costing Information)

      Do these setups are required. Can we successfully configure Purchasing and iProcurement with out these setups.

      Please share your thoughts on this.

      Thanks and Regards
      Pandurang Joshi
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          We believe you have a plan to implement i-procurement for all expense items only.. To achieve this you need to do minimum Inventory setup like

          1) Item Categories Code/Set
          2) Inventory Org, Parameters, locations, Inventory workday calender
          3) Receiving Parameters
          4) Inventory Period etc..

          Hope it helps.

          Kind Regards,
          S.P DASH
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            Hi DASH,

            Thanks for your reply.

            I have defined the
            1.Item Categories Code/Set
            2.Receiving Options
            3.Inventory Organization

            However what I wish to know is Setups like

            1.Defining System Item Flex field
            2.Inventory Accounting Periods
            3.Inventory Organization Parameters like Costing Information, Valuation accounts, Lot Control details

            Are these required as we are not implementing Inventory.

            The received Item information will be maintained in a third party tool HP Asset Management as Inventory is not used.

            Please let me know.

            Pandurang Joshi