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      We have a replicated environment with one master site, and one slave, running Berkeley DB XML 2.5.16 on top of Berkeley DB 4.8.26. When we run XmlManager.truncateContainer() from our Java code (which in turn calls the truncate function on a __db struct) we receive a PANIC on the replication slave, and the error log shows this message:

      Log sequence error: page LSN 770 1283626; previous LSN 770 1311669
      transaction failed at [770][1311738]
      Error processing txn [770][1317615]
      PANIC: Invalid argument

      Is this a known issue?

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          This is not a known issue. Can you send me an email at
          firstname.lastname@oracle.com and send me the log files 770 from
          both the master and client (compressed) so that I can see what
          is in the log at those LSNs?

          Please keep both the master and client envs put aside so that
          if we need to look at any of the databases, they are there. Thanks.

          Sue LoVerso