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      I've been running some FDM loads using the Essbase adaptor. However, I noticed that some upsES11XG4E.exe processes where still running on the server despite no longer loading anything. I know there were issues with Essbase that killed the FDM loads taking place and I'm assuming these processes had been left running despite the loads failing.

      Can someone please explain how these processes act as I need to ensure that in future we kill these in the event of a problem occuring. I'm assuming 1 upsES11XG4E.exe process gets kicked off for each location load taking place at that time. I had restarted FDM and if I remember rightly this didn't kill them either. Am I OK to kill these processes or are there any implications I need to be aware of?

      I am familiar with the UpsAppSV.exe processess which can be killed in the event of a problem but not 100% certain about these.

      In the event of a future failures are there any other processes I should look out for and kill? If so, is there an order I should look at killing all the processes in?
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          A upsES11xG4E.exe process will be enabled in the task manager each time the adapter is called to make a connection with Essbase. This would be when browsing for Essbase members in the mapping or running any point that integrates with Essbase. This process should open and close when the connection to Essbase has been completed, just like the upsappsrv.exe process does.

          You are OK to kill the processes as long as you know they are not actively doing a load. I would get all users out of the system and verify that they are still hung up and then kill them via task manager.

          Hope that helps.
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