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    iProcurment Smartform related queries...

      We have a typical user requirement of selecting smartforms based on category...

      When a requisitioner select a particular category (Main Store --> Categories drill down), It is a standard functionality of iprocurement that if we drill down a particular category and check out, then System looks for BPA linked to that category and pull the BPA list.

      Our requirement is if such BPA does not exist for the category then system should treat it as a non-catalog request and check for the SMARTFORMS list belongs to that category.

      In simple words :

      I would like Smart Form management to be directed, (3 clicks and submit), through the below format:

      · Click 1: Non-catalogue stores for the 12 parent categories,
      (e.g. 1. “Professional services”)
      · Click 2: Parent subcategories, (e.g. 2. “Marketing”)
      · Click 3: Parent subcategory operational requirement, (e.g. 3.
      “Online Advertising”)

      Now Smartform should be picked based on this Category : Professional Services.Marketing.Online Advertising

      Your guidance/pointer/answer will be highly appreciated :)

      Kind Regards,
      S.P DASH