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    iProcurement with out Inventory Module


      We are implementing iProcurement with Purchasing but with out the implementation of Inventory module.

      A separate third party tool HP Asset Management is used for item maintenance. any one who has implemented iProcurement with out Inventory, please help me answer these questions.

      As part of the iProcurement setups, I have defined the
      1.Item Categories Code/Set
      2.Receiving Options, Purchasing Options, Financial Options.
      3.Inventory Organizations

      However what I wish to know is Setups like

      1.Defining System Item Flex field
      2.Inventory Accounting Periods
      3.Inventory Organization Parameters like Costing Information, Valuation accounts, Lot Control details

      Are these required as we are not implementing Inventory.

      currently I am able to successfully raise a requisition, Purchase Order and receive and pay it.

      The received Item information will be maintained in a third party tool HP Asset Management as Inventory is not used.

      Please let me know.

      Pandurang Joshi
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          Marcel Koolwijk

          What is the organisation where the receipt is created in? This should be an inventory organisation but as you mentioned you did not set this up but still are able to receive?

          I always setup the system item key flexfield (1 segment), the organisation parameters and open the inventory accounting period when I am implementing iProcurement and Purchasing, also if the Inventory module is not used (yet).

          I also faced issues with receiving when the Inventory period is not open. Most of the times receiving was working fine but for some reason receiving is sometimes erroring that the inventory period is not open.