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    TimesTen 11.2 and Clusterware (masterVIP : why need a pair of VIPs?)

      Hi guys,

      I'm on a project a migrating from TimesTen to TimesTen
      We have severals datastore invloving both Active-standby Pair and AsynchronousWriteThrought Cache Groups.
      More over, those active-standby pairs are "clustered" by Oracle Clusterware.
      +(I use clustered between quotes as TimesTen 7.0 isn't clusterware aware, and so the clustering is done using home made scripts.)+

      From the CRS point of view, the active-standby pair is seen as a ressource which is dependant of a VIP ressource. Hence when asking the CRS to start the datastore ressource, it first starts the VIP on the machine where the active store will be.

      When looking at the 11.2 way of clustering, I see a parameter of the cluster.oracle.ini named MasterVIP which expects to have a pair of VIPs.

      My question is : Why do I have to give a pair ?
      I would expect to only give 1 VIP for an active-standby pair.
      This VIP would be used by client application to connect to the active datastore, and would relocate to the other machine in case of a switchover/failover.
      I must be missing something... can someone shed some light on that ?