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    Java SE Development Kit (JDK) not found. when installing ADK

      I am trying to install the Andriod Development Kit (installer_r08-windows) on my Windows 7 laptop. I have installed the Java SE SDK without issues trying both the default "C:\Program Files\..." directory first, the the "C:\Program Files (x86)\" directory (after removing prior installations, rebooting, etc.)

      The exact error message is "Java SE Development Kit (JDK) not found."

      I have created the system variable JAVA_HOME to be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_23".
      I have added this string to the PATH system variable ";%JAVA_HOME%\bin"

      Typing "javac" at the command prompt does NOT return an error, so it appears to be installed correctly.

      What's wrong?

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