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    data is getting cleared

    sharad sapra
      Hi i we have an FDM application which is used to export base level data in essbase accross base scenarios and base level entities.
      now there are three main base level sceanrios , the problem is that after exporting the data in essbase the base level data across one base level scenario is getting cleared.I know it sounds weird but its actuly happening , the reason why i think this might be related to FDM is because i have thorougly checked the scripts and also there are three verions Ver1,Ver2,Ver3 out of which the data through FDM always comes at Ver1 and that is the only version where the data across a base level scenario "Scn1" is getting cleared.now the thing is that i am not able to find what is that exact step after which this is occuring, i have tested in the test environment that data is getting exported properly for two entities and everything is fine but the base level data again is getting deleted after some days !!!!
      So is there any way in which we could maybe audit the activities that are being carried out on a particular intersection in FDM , also there is a load script which does clears off the data for the particular POv when used with Replace option, but i dnt think it does this change.the version of hyperion is 9.3.1.
      Please help ! ! !