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    Group by


      In my report I need to group by a specific column called PERIOD...can anyone tell me how to do this?
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          Nathan John Morgan
          You are building a request in Answers? If so use the Advanced tab.

          You can edit the logical SQL or use the GROUP By box.

          Oracle® Business Intelligence Server Administration Guide
          17 Oracle BI Server SQL Reference
          GROUP BY Clause Syntax

          "With auto aggregation on the Oracle BI Server, there is no need to submit a GROUP BY clause. When
          no GROUP BY clause is specified, the GROUP BY specification defaults to all of the nonaggregation
          columns in the SELECT list. If you explicitly use aggregation functions in the select list, you can
          specify a GROUP BY clause with different columns and the Oracle BI Server will compute the results
          based on the level specified in the GROUP BY clause."
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            The report usually automatically groups by the all detail level. If you want to group it to another level you can specify in your column formula for example.

            sum("Sales Facts"."Amount Sold" BY "Period".Period)

            hope this helps

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              hI USer

              Deep was correct.Give the formula in ur column formula in reports.The syntax for this is

              Aggregation(measure by columnname)
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                first write the query,no need to group by in query itself becuase it may reduce the performance.group the data in RTF(TEMPLATE) open micro soft word and save the file in rich text format then
                write the command like
                --<?for-each-group:GROUP NAME IN BI PUBLISHER>
                is there any problem with this if your not aware of the commands of xml ,word mapping add ins->inset the table wizard
                in this process group by functions wil there group the column which do u want.

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