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    Reset WebLogic Server Password


      I need to reset a password for the admin user of a weblogic server 10.3.3. How do you reset a password?

      I tried running "java weblogic.security.utils.AdminAccount <NewAdminUserName> <NewAdminPassword> ." (after I ran setDomainEnv.cmd). The process appears to run successfully, however it doesnt return any messages. However the "%my_domain%/security/DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift" was modified. So I shutdown the server, try to login with the new password and it still needs the old password!

      I looked through Oracle's WebLogic API to find any more info on the function, but nothing is available (deprecated?).

      Steps I did:
      1.) Run setDomainEnv.cmd, in "%my_domain%/bin" directory
      2.) In the "%my_domain%/security" directory, I ran "java weblogic.security.utils.AdminAccount weblogic Password1 ."
      3.) Try to start up server with new password, and server rejects new password. Accepts only old password.

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          Just in case anyone comes by this, I figured it out! (Thanks to: http://shmukum.wordpress.com/2010/05/04/resetwladminpasswd/ )

          I needed to do one last thing: Delete the "*ldap*" folder in the "*%Domain_Home%/servers/%server_name%/data/*" folder.

          so overall, here's steps that need to be done:
          1.) Open Command prompt > run setDomainEnv.cmd in the *%DomainHome%/bin* folder
          2.) In a file browser, backup %DomainHome%/security/DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift, then delete the file.
          3.) In command prompt, go to the %DomainHome%/security/ directory, run the following command (period is important): java weblogic.security.utils.AdminAccount weblogic MyPassword .
          4.) Step 3 should create a anew DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift
          5.) Go to *%Domain_Home%/servers/%server_name%/data/*, delete ldap folder
          6.) Clear out boot.properties
          7.) Verify server starts up under new password
          8.) Create new boot.properties for your weblogic server(s)

          Warning: step 5: will clear out all LDAP security realm settings in your domain.

          Hope this helps someone when they scour the forum.

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            Oops... i posted solution in seperate thread reply. See my reponse.