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    Initial load and push replication pattern

      Dear all,

      We are using the push replication pattern for our application (active-passive model). Now I would like to run an initial load on the coherence clusters, but if I run the load in the active node, it gets replicated in the passive one. Given the that the initial load contains a large amount of data, I rather have it loaded on each cluster separately.

      Is there anyway this can be achieved? I thought I could you the Extensible Environment component for that, but I don't know how or even if it is possible at all.


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          Hi Pablo -

          One approach would be to start both the active and passive clusters, use the PublishingService MBean to Suspend the publisher, run the initial load of the active
          cache, when complete, Drain the publishing pending queue, when complete, Resume the publisher.

          /Mark J
          Oracle Coherence
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            Another approach is to override "public void publish(EntryOperation entryOperation) {}" on the CoherencePushReplicationProvider, and in here check some "publishing enabled flag".

            public void publish(EntryOperation entryOperation) {
            if (isPublishingEnabled()) {

            This will prevent any data from going on the push replication messaging queue.

            The flag should be set after your load. (Flag could be determined from a coherence cache, or perhaps a custom jmx attribute)