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    Close an BPA

      I have closed an approved BPA by tools->Control->Close.But my document still can be opened and modified/revised,although the closure status is "Closed".
      I want to close the BPA without any further modification allowed.Can it be done other than final close?
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          Request you to go through the "Controlling Documents" of Purchasing User guide... A close action will not prevent creating new documents/releases or modification to exisiting document. To stop this you need to bring the BPA status to "Finally Closed".

          As per User guide : Finally Close - You can final close at the header, release, line, and shipment levels. Purchasing automatically closes fully billed and received purchase orders. However, to prevent further actions on the purchase order, you should use this window to final close purchase orders. Finally Close prevents modifications to the purchase order.

          /S.P DASH