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    New version of the PSFT HCM 9.1 OVM

    Greg Kelly-Oracle
      <h3>We have just made available a new version of the PSFT HCM 9.1 OVM Template release. </h3>
      Changes include:<BR>

      <li>PeopleSoft Application release update to HCM 9.1 FP#!
      </li><li>PeopleTools release update to 8.51.02
      </li><li>Standardization from 3 template model to 2 template
      </li><li>Inclusion of Microfocus COBOL evaluation license
      </li><li>NEW: A zip file of the related PeopleTools App Designer to be deployed on Microsoft Windows (tm)
      Here is a link to the updated OTN page.<BR>