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    Opening documents from internet explorer

      Hello Firends,

      "I´ve problem trying to open documents (odt, doc, xls, ...) with OpenOffice since Internet Explorer?? it takes forever to open, two minutes, however, if you open Firefox or from Windows Explorer opens at the same time.

      I tried it with Windows XP SP3, Internet Explorer 6 and later 8.
      This time, as I mentioned, is about two minutes, however, activating the QuickStart reduce opening times to 30 seconds, but still very slow. The problem is that I need to work well in Internet Explorer, so that I can not use Firefox or other browser.
      I've been mulling over a long time and I can not solve. The version used is 3.2 OpenOffice itself can be helpful.

      Thanks in advance for the input.

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          You have three variables: browser, open office, and document being opened.

          Assuming you are opening the same document to get your timing comparisons, we ca drop that as a variable

          For browser, you have either Firefox or IE. For document reader application you have open office.
          --------|--open office --
          firefox | fast
            IE    | slow
          Conclusion, IE is slow. You may just have to live with it. (Or else buy a faster PC. That is what MS tools are good for, justifying PC upgrades. 8^)