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    R12 istore error


      I have setup defaulting rule for line type and changed the new plsql api for Return. Now I have error as OE_DEF_MAX_ITERATIONS while placing an order in both istore and OM. what is the solution for this. is this issue caused by my defaulting setups... can anyone suggest me ideas to resolve it??

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          Dear Menaka,

          Here is the approach to Fix the Issue

          If you have defined attribute defaulting rules where source type is 'Same Record' and the source attribute is pointing back to itself, then you see this
          error. This was proably a rule created erroneously.

          To find out if such rules exist, execute the following sql:

          select database_object_name, attribute_code
          from oe_def_attr_def_rules
          where src_type = 'SAME_RECORD'
          and src_attribute_code = attribute_code;

          If such rules exist, for each attribute - delete the rule, save and re-generate the defaulting package for that attribute from Tools menu on the Rules window.

          Perform the following navigation path:

          1. Order Management Responsibility
          2. Setup\rules\defaulting
          3. Place cursor in Application field and press flashlight icon
          4. Choose Order Header
          5. Select the attribute TAX EXEMPT
          6. Choose DEFAULTING RULES button
          7. edit\delete from toolbar for the 2 precedence
          8. Save
          9. Tools\Generate Defaulting Handler Package
          10. Navigate back to Sales Order Form

          Karthikeyan Pandiyan