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    Java 3D almost everywhere. Update : Pivot 2.0 and Scala 2.8.1

      The Java 3D API enables 3D rendering in following GUI frameworks:

      Apache Pivot : PCanvas3D API - lightweigth Java 3D rendering. http://www.interactivemesh.org/testspace/j3dmeetspivot.html

      Eclipse SWT : org.eclipse.swt.awt.SWT_AWT. „This class provides a bridge between SWT and AWT, so that it is possible to embed AWT components (Canvas3D) in SWT and vice versa.“ J3DWorkbench http://eclectic3d.net/

      Java Swing : Mixing heavyweight and lightweight components in Swing. http://www.interactivemesh.org/testspace/j3dmeetsswing.html

      JavaFX : FXCanvas3D API - lightweigth Java 3D rendering. http://www.interactivemesh.org/testspace/j3dmeetsjfx.html

      Scala Swing : ScalaCanvas3D API - Scala Swing components for heavyweight and lightweigth Java 3D rendering. http://www.interactivemesh.org/testspace/j3dmeetsscala.html