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    Where is the driver ?

      Hello everybody,
      I wrote an application in Ms-Access, to read an Oracle database.
      I runs fine, on my machine, and now I have to deploy it on the user's machines.
      So, I imagine it is a good idea to prepare a CD that first installs the driver with ODTwithODAC112012 from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/dotnet/utilsoft-086879.html

      and then copies the TNSNAMES.ORA, the database and its documentation from the CD to the user's disk.

      But between these two phases, I have to know in what directory I have to write the TNSNAMES.ORA
      This is written in a dialog box of the setup program, but I need it in my script.

      I find it in the register key
      may I rely on it ?

      I asked the question in a forum here that had too far a topic, and somebody answered it was rather a question for a Microsoft forum. So, I am also going to ask the question in a Microsoft forum, but as it is an object oriented question for Oracle, and this information was recorded by an Oracle setup program, I am tempted to insist somewhat here.