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    jrockit mission control

      I am trying to start jrmc tool on weblogic server node running on the same jrmc version.

      When i run jrmc I see the listed JVM as [null] 11504 (11504). where 11504 is the process id for the node. When I try to do any operation on it, it is not working. For eg. Starting MemLeak would give me an error "The selected Jrockit(s) are not suitable for Memory leak detector". Cant figure out the reason. Please help.

      Also note that, when I try to run jrmc.exe using my login account (which is the same account in which the node process java.exe runs) I am not able to get the node jvm listed. But when I try to run jrmc.exe as administrator I see them but of no use. Please help me on this.

      java version - jrmc-4.0.1-1.6.0
      weblogic version - 10.3