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    Recording with MP3 converter

      For MP3 conversion , CCA seems to be compliant only with LAME application that is a single thread conversion and take long time to convert a big list in the quality folder.
      I need to convert a big quantity of recording.
      Anyone know if it is possible to use another third party application instead Lame ?
      Thanks and regards
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          Lame is hard coded into the MP3 server.

          Are you seeing a backlog in conversion? You can do some tweaks to increase performance a bit for large directory size and db to improve the interactivity with MP3 server.
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            Yes Roman, I have a big backlog of files. We are moving every 3 months the files in others partitions but it is not sufficent. We will try to work to increase performance at folder size level.
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              If the file server is a windows machine you can disable the last modified update in the registry. This will increase the performance in a large directory quite a bit while it converts each file.

              I'd also recommend you run Profiler or similar on the 'selects' the MP3 server sends. Create an index specific to that select and be sure to add the result set as the included columns. That will make the DB query to identify the files very efficient. Unfortunately you will see that the company ID’s that are higher will be lower on the order returned.

              Other than that, you will be depending on CPU and base file system IO to work the backlog.