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    FDM Log Files

      Hi There,

      Just wondering where the logs files are for a failed import on FDM (, using ERPi)?

      They seem very elusive.

      Thanks in advance

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          It depends on what the error is you are getting.

          There is an option in the 'GetData' action of the adapter about logging. It then writes to the Outbox\Logs\<AdapterName>.log
          This file will only give you connection information related to the Adapter and ERPi.

          For information relating to ERPi and ODI (where it extracts the Data) you will need to review the ODI Operator.

          For information relating to ERPi and FDM during the import of the generated 'flat file' you will need to use the 'View Log' option on the FDM Import Fish or the User Error Log.

          Thank you,
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            Thanks for the informaton. But couldn't find anything relating to my attempted data load either in the folder or ODI. I'm guessing it's something simple; the error occurs when I import data into FDM (using ERPi) and it just says: Error in getting data.

            Thanks in advance.

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              Resolved the issue - it related to an incorrect setting in the FDM Workbench:- ERPI-FIN-AWebservice.

              I incorrectly thought it should be connecting to the ERPi service which was on a different server!