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    How to change the HFM timeout settings

      Hi Gurus,

      Please help me how to increase the timeout setting for HFM Application ( running on Windows 2003 SP 2.

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          Antonio R.
          You can control the user session timeout by changing the timeout setting in IIS, or by changing the Web Session Timeout setting using the EPM Configurator. The default timeout is 20 minutes.
          Loading large metadata files on the Web can result in a proxy timeout error. If this occurs, increase the Web proxy timeout setting or use the Win32 client to load the file.

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            Antonio R.
            Here are the steps for changing the time out from within IIS:
            Go to IIS, From the list of websites, select hfm, right click on it and select properties, this will bring the Virtual Directory Tab into view, if not click on such tab.
            Click on the configuration button, then click on the Options tab. The sessions time out should be displayed in minutes.

            If you prefer to go the route of the EPM configurator, From the Start button All Programs -> Oracle EPM System -> Oracle Foundation Services -> select EPM System Configurator.
            Once it runs Select Financial Management from the first screen, then Configure WebServer -> Configure IIS for Financial Management Webapplication;
            You should see the Web session timeout as 1200 Seconds, change it to suit your needs. Do not make it too big, you want users to be responsible.