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    PO forward issue

      When attempting to forward an PO approval document from the Approval Details tab I am recieving the following error message:

      APP-PO-14056: User Exit #PO FIND_FORWARD returned error

      Cause: #PO FIND_FORWARD encountered an internal error. Parameters: FIND_FORWARD, 5805, 50137, PO, STANDARD, 10085 GLOBAL.forward_to_id.

      Action: Note this error number and the actions you are trying to perform . Contact your system adminstrator for assistance.

      Does anyone have an idea how to solve this error? I am the system adminstrator in this case. Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.
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          Karthik Gopaluni
          Are you the buyer?
          Are you using Supervisor or Position hierarchy?
          Please check that there is valid supervisor/employee tied to the position to which the PO is getting forwarded to
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            As a 1st level check could you please confirm below setup:

            1) The document type : e.g. Purchase Order Standard "Can Change Forward- To" option is checked., and the Forward method is set as Direct

            2) Any custom Workflow is used? Workflow Startup Process should be set as : PO Approval Top Process and Approval Workflow as : PO Approval

            Please check the setup and confirm..

            Kind Regards,
            S.P DASH
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              The document type setting worked to allow the forward. Thanks S.P.