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    What is the Vuelink version supports Sharepoint 2010 and sharepoint 2007...


      When I have integrated AutoVue 20 with Sharepoint 2007 deployed on windows 2008 server, the Autovue didn't work and everytime it shows up a popup for login and even after entering the credentials, it pops up again asking the same..

      When I moved the same setup to windows 2003 server, it works absolutely fine.. Can anybody tell me, is it a configuration issue or Autovue Sharepoint Vuelink deployed on Windows 2008 server is not compatible to use Autovue 20 or 19.3?

      One more thing I abserved was,!! For sharepoint we have only "Vuelink19.2" available.. Even that needs a patch..

      Is there any new version of Vuelink is released for sharepoint or expected?? If Vuelink for share point doesnt work if deployed on windows 2008 server, then how can we use the Vuelink for sharepoint (available 19.2 version) for Sharepoint 2010..

      Kindly answer these, as we are moving to support all windows 2008 servers and Sharepoint 2010 with autovue.

      Thanks in advance..