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    FDM stop certain users from exporting from FDM to HFM

      Hi all,

      I would appreciate your help in a FDM workflow related question.
      I have a request to stop certain users from Exporting to HFM.
      So that means they should be allowed to execute "Import" and "Validate",
      but should be stopped and get an message from the "Export" step.
      The exporting should be allowed only for certain users.

      My first try was using EventScript BefExportToDat and use API.MaintenanceMgr.mProcessLog with the corresponding settings. But that does not stop the

      Is there a way of getting this to work?

      I just want to know how i can stop the export. The conditionals for selecting the users etc. which are allowed or not allowed to execute the Export step is not the problem!

      Best regards,