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    Runtime Annotation Processing

      Hey there,

      I would like to implement an annotation something like RolesAllowed, let's call it ActionAllowed:
      class Facade {
        @ActionAllowed(view="current.xhtml", action = "delete" )
        public Result delete(Param) { ... }
      Now I would like my application to do the neccessary security check implicitly before method delete is called (My application is a JSF 2.0 one running in a Tomcat 7).

      I found something like JSR 269 but did not figure out how to process the annotation while runtime. Then I found Java CDI that seemed interesting to me but I have not found an implementation to use yet. The javax.enterprise:cdi-api depends on JBoss stuff, what I wondered about...

      So, to cut a long story short... I need help! :-) Can someone put me on the right track?