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    ODI Operator deletes executions

      Hi All!

      Im a new ODI user, I have a problem whit the Operator. I execute an automation from a web services and then I go to the operator to control the execution. While is running i can see the log, but when it ends the log disappears =S. This doesnt happen if I execute the package in the designer.
      I check all the user parameters and seams to be OK.

      I need help please!!
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          Ankit J
          Is it possible that the automation (scenario) contains a step OdiPurgeLog at the end ?
          And the same step isnt in the package that you are executing.

          Also, there are a couple of other places to look for the log in. They may be under the Hierarchical sessions as Child Sessions of other tasks.
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            What did you set the log level to? If you set it to Zero, or null, you are likely to be telling it to purge on successful execution.
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              Thanks for your responses! But I couldnt resolve this problem yet. There isnt an OdiPurgeLog at the end of the scenario, and I didnt set the log level (I dont remember, also in other automation I never set logs level and that worked perfectly...is very rare). But I noticed this:

              The automation is executed in a web services, this web services calls Scenario A...Scenario A calls Scenario B...Scenario B calls Scenario C...Scenario C ends automation.
              While automation is running Operator shows me all the logs for the 3 scenarios...when automation ends, Operator only shows me logs for Scenario B and C, Scenario A disappears!!
              If i run Scenario B from the web services,Scenario B is executed, then ScenB calls Scenario C and Operator shows me logs for Scenario C...Scenario B disappears.
              If I run Scenario C from the web services, it is executed but when it ends Operator doesnt show me anything.

              I need help! Thanks for your responses!
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                With log level Zero, is it possible to stop the automatic purge of the operator logs on successful execution?