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    Hyperion Planning form Row header

      I am facing a relevantly small issue but would still like to see it resolved.
      There are two dimensions in my row within a planning form. And because the member names are long, the width size set for the row header is such, that its not displaying the entire row header(ie. names of both dimension members on each row.)
      The user has to then go and double click on the column to see the text 'Double click to maximise row headers' to see them both.

      The client wants the headers to be displayed in full when openign the form.

      Please let meknow if there is a way to do that as the Planning form Property sheet->options tab does not show any method of doing so. I am using Planning


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          Trying Clicking on Start Expand under web form design under Dimension Properties for both the Dimensions.

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            Isn't your suggestion only supposed to be for expanding the hierarchy and not the header size?

            The issue "user13444217" is facing is for the row header size and I dont think there is any solution to it. You could hide the View Pane so that the form has a larger area but you cant specifically set the row width like you can with the column width.

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              Thanks for your suggestions..
              I tried a different approach..
              I exported the form and tried tweaking the xml form..
              -> Changed the display options tag by adding the attribute 'rowHeaderPercentage'= '60' (thats also there within the printing options tag with the value 35)..
              -> tried changing the 'columns width' (at the start of the columns segment) from 75 to 50; with the thought that the remaining 50% will be for the row headers..
              And imported the form back.

              None of it seems to be working .
              IS there a css file or some intermediate file that this xml is accessing? If yes then where can I find it?

              Please let me know if anyone knows what to do..


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                Robb Salzmann

                If you don't mind editing the webpage itself, do this:

                Find the WEB-INF/jsp/EnterData.jsp file in your planning deployment.

                The last few lines should be:


                just ABOVE the </script> tag, insert the lines:

                setTimeout("document.getElementById('rowHeadDiv_0').style.width = currentDataGrid.leftWidth", 1000);
                setTimeout("document.getElementById('rowHeadDiv_0').style.height = currentDataGrid.dataTable.offsetHeight", 100);
                setTimeout("document.getElementById('dataDiv_0').style.height = currentDataGrid.dataTable.offsetHeight", 100);

                Now all your row headers will always be displayed in full when you open the form. You can still drag the row header separator back to show more of the data grid, but next time you load the form, that magic line of code will re-expand the row headers for you.

                Robb Salzmann
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                  Hi Robb,

                  I found two EnterData.jsp files, one each in 'Tomcat5\..WEB-INF\jsp' and 'Weblogic9\...\WEB-INF\jsp'.
                  I copy pasted the line of code that you have provided into the following location, which is at the end of the page:

                  <script language ="JavaScript">
                  "your line of code as it is"
                  <*a* href="#" title="" id="readtext"></*a*>(Note: the ** have been put for this forumwebpage not to execute this command.)

                  Unfortunately it made no difference to the form, or any of the forms in the application.
                  Is there something that I am doing wrong?

                  Thanks for your time.
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                    Robb Salzmann

                    I think you're on the right track. The trick is to figure out exactly from which WEB-INF/jsp directory the pages are being served. You might just add a bit of plain text like &lt;h1&gt;testing 1.. 2.. 3..&lt;/h1&gt;<h1>testing 1.. 2.. 3..</h1> - (the H1 tags just make it really big) That way you'll know when you're in the right place.

                    Sometimes planning runs directly from an ear file or a war file. You'll have to check on the deployment configuration to see if thats the case. If you find this is the case, let me know and I'll guide you around this little detour as well.

                    Also note that I added a couple more lines above. This just makes the grid alignment more static and even.


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                      Hi Robb,
                      Thanks a lot for all your help and the detaled replies.
                      The forms are working perfectly now.
                      Your previous reply with the one line of code actually worked.. It just took some time to work.. ie it didnt come into effect on the same day I made the change. But today when I open all the forms, they are opening with the entire row header displayed.
                      This is of great help.
                      Thanks again.
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                        Robb Salzmann
                        Hi everyone,

                        I know this is really old thread, but I think it will benefit the readers updating it with the following:

                        Today I had one of those "Doh!" moments about this issue. I was reading through the planning docs and realized there might be a much better way to do this, and alas there is!

                        I was able to make the row headers always at full size (entire member name visible) by changing one line in the planning.css file:

                        On or around row 346, Change the value for overflow-x from auto to visible. Viola! this will eliminate the scrolling row headers and not need to modify anything unsupported.
                        .rowHead {
                             visibility: visible;
                        /*      overflow-x:auto; */ 
                        Robb Salzmann
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                          Rob, could you tell me where should i find right planning.css?
                          Thank you in advance