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    Autocreating PO from SO

    Rajeev R

      **Is there any feature by which we can automate the AutoCreate Documents feature in PO?** Flow of Purchase Order Cycle as per User is

      Sales Order --> PR--> PO , user does not want to do AUTOCREATE DOCUMENT for converting PR into PO.

      It would still be better if we are able to create PO directly from SO. In SO we have different star items for same model so BPA may not hold good.

      Any suggestions / workaround would be highly appreciated.

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          I assume you are using the back-to-back order functionality or drop ship functionality.
          That functionality will let you create a PR from an SO.

          If you set up sourcing rules and ASL, you can automatically convert the PR into a PO. This is called automatic sourcing. It seems you use configurator; so the Sourcing rules and ASL will have to be category based instead of item number based.

          Refer to http://ns2.cat4mba.org/user-guide/purchasing-overview/overview-automatic-sourcing for setups.

          Hope this answers your question,
          Sandeep Gandhi