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    Windows NT Authentication Auto-login


      If we use APEX Listener, then would it be possible to provide auto-login facility to APEX applications based on user-NT id's

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          Hi Hari,

          I guess this won't work with the current release of the APEX Listener, as it doesn't support the CGI-Environment necessary for such operations. You can follow a similar issue (NTLM-authentication) here: {thread:id=2125018}
          There exist some Java NTLM-Implementations you could try use to create a servlet that does the header-exchange for you. Currently, there seems to be no out-of-the-box-solution for that issue. I bookmarked the following page for the case the problem may become urgent:

          I was hoping to find the time to create that kind of servlet, but as there's no customer need at the moment (all NTLM-users still use OHS), there hasn't been an assignment for that yet. Perhaps one of the following Listener releases includes the support for custom header exchange.

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            Hi Udo,

            Thanks for the reply. Our customer is asking for auto-login based on NT User credentials. So I'm just trying to know different alternatives to achieve this. No reliable solutions I found though yet :(

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              same problem here!