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    Batch Scheduler Load Methods (A, R)

    Erich Ranz
      We currently load 3 files from FDM to HFM. The first is loaded as a type 0 replace. The second is loaded as type 1 merge. The third is loaded as type 2 accumulate. Which load methods would I use with the batch loader to accomplish this? RR, AR, AA, etc. Thanks!
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          The first item of the load tag indicates the method to use when bringing the data into FDM at the import stage 'R' will perform a replace, 'A' will perform an append. You can also have 'RZ' and 'AZ' which do the same but suppress zero values at the import step. It is the 2nd item which indicates the HFM load method and can be either 'R' for replace, 'M' for merge and 'A' for accumulate. I would therfore suggest, assuming you always import ito FDM using Replace that your batch file load tag would be

          1) RR
          2) RM
          3) RA

          All the load tags and options are well detailed in the FDM admin guide. Hope this helps.
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            Erich Ranz
            Thanks! I must have an old guide, as Batch Loader (Section 17) pp 159-164 doesn't detail any of the switch options and only refers to A and R. The info you provided was just what I needed. Thanks again.
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              The latest documentation can always be downloaded from here:

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                Erich Ranz
                Guys- I feel like a total moron. On what page of which manual is this information? I can't find it anywhere. We're using 9.3.1. Thanks.
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                  Don't feel like a moron, many of the features of FDM are not fully documented.

                  The idea of merge into HFM is not specifically documented but the posting above does describe the correct usage of the tag. I suppose the author of the document infers that someone will deduce/assume that M = Merge for a target system load type.

                  Feel free to continue to leverage the forums and you'll likely get help filling in the blanks for the items that are not (well) documented.